Southern Peripheral Road Emerging as the Heart of Gurgaon Real Estate

The Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) in Gurugram is quickly becoming one of the most desirable real estate destinations in the National Capital Region (NCR). Spanning 16 kilometers, SPR is attracting both investors and homebuyers with its excellent connectivity, luxurious living options, and promising future prospects.

Unmatched Connectivity: The Heart of SPR’s Appeal

One of the main reasons SPR is emerging as a real estate hub is its unbeatable connectivity. This 90-meter-wide road links various key destinations within Gurgaon and beyond, making it a vital route for daily commuters and travelers. According to the India Real Estate Report by Knight Frank, SPR connects Gurgaon’s prime sectors with South Delhi through MG Road, Faridabad Highway, and the elevated road between Dwarka and Sohna expressways. This ensures smooth traffic flow and easy access to major routes like the Golf Course Road, Golf Course Extension Road, and NH-8.

Moreover, SPR’s connection to NH-8 provides direct access to Jaipur, and its proximity to Sohna Road enhances connectivity to the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor. The corridor also offers easy access to the Indira Gandhi International Airport, making it a top choice for frequent travelers and businesses seeking well-connected locations. The integration of metro stations, especially from the Millennium City metro station to Gurgaon sectors 71 and 72, further improves public transportation options, reducing reliance on private vehicles and easing traffic congestion.

Luxurious Living Spaces: Catering to Discerning Homebuyers

SPR’s real estate landscape is experiencing a boom in luxury residential projects, catering to the growing demand for high-end living spaces. According to the Cushman & Wakefield Q1 2024 Report, 3,614 new units were launched in the first quarter of 2024, with the luxury segment capturing an impressive 61% market share. This trend highlights the region’s appeal among homebuyers looking for quality and convenience.

The proximity to sectors like 68, 69, 70, 70A, 71, 72, 73, 74, 74A, 75, 75A, and 76 has further enhanced SPR’s attractiveness. Esteemed developers such as DLF, Signature Global, Whiteland Corporation, and Aarize Group have been instrumental in transforming SPR into a hub of luxurious residential and commercial excellence.

Robust Infrastructure Development: Shaping the Urban Landscape

The robust infrastructure development along SPR is another significant factor driving its real estate boom. The strategic planning and development of the road have created a well-rounded urban ecosystem that boosts livability and productivity. Wide, well-maintained roads, state-of-the-art amenities, and ample green spaces make SPR a modern urban corridor.

Further planned infrastructure projects, such as the upcoming metro line running parallel to SPR, promise to elevate its status as a prime real estate destination. The Gurgaon-Manesar Masterplan designates sectors 71 and 73 for commercial development, adding to SPR’s appeal for institutional and commercial growth. This comprehensive development plan positions SPR as a lucrative investment destination, offering a blend of residential comfort and commercial viability.

Economic Prosperity: Job Creation and Ecosystem Development

SPR’s impact goes beyond real estate, driving economic prosperity through job creation and ecosystem development. The development and operation of residential and commercial projects along SPR have generated direct employment opportunities in construction, property management, hospitality, and retail sectors. Moreover, SPR has spurred the growth of ancillary industries and services, ranging from transportation and logistics to healthcare and education.

Ravi Aggarwal, Co-founder & Managing Director of Signature Global (India) Limited, highlighted the significant new developments on SPR, including the elevated SPR and the cloverleaf at Vatika Chowk. These enhancements will ensure smooth traffic flow from the Sohna elevated road and SPR to the Dwarka Expressway, the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, and NH-48, thanks to controlled access for traffic movement. The upcoming jungle safari further boosts the investment appeal of this location. SPR, with its strategic location and planned metro station in Sector 72A, is attracting multinational brands across various segments, setting up office spaces and retail centers in the area.

Additionally, a proposed metro line running along SPR from Sector 55/56 to Vatika Chowk, featuring five new metro stations at Sector 56, Sushant Lok, Sushant Lok Phase-3, Rosewood City, and Vatika Chowk, enhances the area’s attractiveness. Property prices around SPR are expected to rise, with sectors like 71, 72, 75, and 76 seeing the highest appeal among homebuyers and investors.

Aggarwal further emphasized that SPR is more than just a transportation link; it is the backbone of Gurugram’s urban expansion. The ongoing projects and infrastructural enhancements position SPR as a central hub for Gurugram’s economic growth. Investing in SPR today is like tapping into Gurugram’s future. The corridor’s blend of residential, commercial, and industrial spaces ensures continuous demand and rising property values. With the government’s strong push for infrastructure and connectivity, SPR is set to become one of the most coveted real estate destinations in the NCR region.

Whiteland’s Urban Cubes 71: A Landmark Development

With the pioneering project by Whiteland, Urban Cubes 71 nearing possession, the real estate demand near SPR is set to witness a major boost. This superstructure is complete and ready for fit-outs, ensuring timely delivery for future occupants. Strategically located at the crossroads of all major arterial connections in Gurgaon, Urban Cubes 71 boasts dual frontage, providing exceptional visibility and accessibility. The completion of service roads and surface parking further enhances its appeal. This state-of-the-art SCO (Shop-cum-Office) development spans 2.65 acres and features 34 meticulously designed buildings with a total built-up area of 2.4 lakh square feet. Its neo-classical architectural design and aesthetically pleasing large facade make it an ideal investment opportunity for high street retail, attracting major retail players to this burgeoning commercial corridor. Positioned on SPR, an evolving residential and commercial hub connecting key sectors from Gurgaon-Faridabad Road to NH-48, Urban Cubes 71 is set to become a cornerstone of South Gurgaon’s growth and development.

Pankaj Pal, Managing Director of Whiteland Corporation, stated that SPR in Gurgaon stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic urban development and visionary planning. Drawing both investors and homebuyers with its unmatched connectivity and luxurious living spaces, the micro-market is poised to unlock new possibilities and set new standards for urban living and business excellence in Gurugram and beyond. With its strategic advantages and commitment to sustainable growth, SPR is not just a thoroughfare but a beacon of future possibilities and a cornerstone of Gurgaon’s real estate landscape.

SPR: A Beacon of Sustainable Growth and Prosperity

The Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) in Gurgaon exemplifies sustainable development and economic prosperity. Through its unmatched connectivity, luxurious living spaces, robust infrastructure development, and job creation, SPR has transformed into a thriving hub of residential and commercial excellence. As the region continues to evolve, SPR is set to redefine urban living and business landscapes, setting new standards for real estate excellence in Gurugram and beyond. With its strategic advantages and unwavering commitment to excellence, SPR paves the way for a brighter, greener, and more prosperous future for all stakeholders involved.

Aman Sharma, Managing Director of Aarize Group, expressed his optimism for SPR’s future, stating that the comprehensive development plan for SPR, combined with its strategic location and connectivity, makes it an attractive investment destination. SPR is set to open new avenues and establish new benchmarks for urban living and business excellence in Gurgaon and beyond. Aarize Group’s project, South Drive, located in Sector 69 off SPR, is poised to be Gurugram’s new growth corridor. It offers premium Shop Cum Office (SCO) plots designed for businesses and brands, featuring complete land ownership, steady capital appreciation potential, and total freedom for customization. It is an ideal investment opportunity for forward-thinking investors. SPR exemplifies how urban corridors can drive economic growth and sustainability, creating prosperous, inclusive communities. With its commitment to quality, SPR leads real estate towards a greener, more prosperous future.

Future Outlook: A Promising Horizon for Homebuyers and Investors

The future outlook for SPR is exceedingly promising, with its trajectory as a coveted destination for real estate investment shining brighter than ever before. The recent Cushman & Wakefield Q1 2024 Report highlighted Gurgaon’s dominance in launching high-end and luxury segments, particularly along SPR, capturing a robust 61% share in the first quarter. As infrastructure projects continue and more developments come to fruition, SPR is set to become a cornerstone of growth and prosperity in Gurugram, offering endless opportunities for homebuyers, investors, and businesses alike.

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